Project Management

Scope of services:

  • Management of project activities so that there is control and balance in time, cost, and quality
  • Establish appropriate structure in terms of project and support units, functions and inter-relationships, lines of communication
  • Review and evaluation of proposals from external (related) parties

Feasibility Study

Scope of sevices:

  • Establishment of project viability after having evaluated the conceptual design, site selection,and socio-economic impact
  • Evaluation and critical appraisal of project feasibility to determine technical and commercial viability

Preliminary Investigation & Design

Scope of services:

  • Advice on appropriate scope of site investigations, topographical surveys, and desk studies
  • Preparation of preliminary designs
  • Recommendation of a range of alternative engineering solutions
  • Preparation of preliminary cost estimates

Design & Tender

Scope of services:

  • Preparation of design briefs and terms of reference
  • Preparation of specifications and detailed designs
  • Design submissions and liaison activities with authorities and associated third parties
  • Preparation of tender documentation

Contract Administration

Scope of services:

  • Provide contracts administration services during both the pre-construction and construction stages
  • Tender preparation, evaluation, negotiation, and award
  • Contract documentation and contract administration

Project Implementation

Scope of services:

  • Advice and preparation of contract documentation
  • Inspection and testing of all materials to ensure conformance with project specifications
  • Advice on project organization structure and master implementation program
  • Supervision and administration of the contractor claims and progress payments
  • Certification of completion of the work

Asset Condition Assessment & Management

Scope of services:

  • Asset Inventory, Inspection, and Condition Assessment
  • Periodical Inspection of Assets Conditions
  • Maintenance Planning, including Deterioration Assessment
  • Maintenance Contract Management / Administration
  • Dilapidation Survey